30 October, 2012


Remember how I mentioned that I'm not eating out? For six whole weeks?! Well, so far I've made it a week and two days! That may not seem like much to someone who is used to cooking at home, or people who don't have the luxury of eating out every other day (because that's what it had come to for us) but for me, it's a huge accomplishment! I think the week before I quit we'd had Red Lobster, Chili's, IHOP, Razorback Pizza, and Mcdonalds. Yes, in one week. That's kind of really embarrassing to admit (mostly because of the Mcdonalds. It's not our normal choice, but we always eat there during Monopoly time) but I think a nice slap of truth is necessary to remind me why I'm doing this.

Not that it's hard or anything. So far, in fact, I've felt better, have more energy to get up and do things, and more time since I'm not spending an hour or two a day out, and, we're saving money. Which means more money to spend on clothes and shoes. How is that not a win?!?!! Oh, that reminds me, I should have a package from Gilt coming this week! (I love that site! Are you a member? Do you love their deals? If not, join up!! It's so fun to wake up every day and wonder what amazing deals are going on.)

Anyway, this is more of just a note-to-self kind of thing, a way to keep myself accountable and on-track than it is a real post, but I think that these sort of life cleanses are good for the soul every once in a while. Taking a step back, breaking out of the rut, and looking at life with a new perspective.

Plus, it forces me to cook more, things like The Most Amazing Chili in the World. (What? I'm a good cook, and I have no shame.) And since there's only two of us, that's like a weeks worth of chili.


  1. Hey well done you !! Wandered my way here from the Elizabeth & co blog hop thingy ... I really like your blog. The angora sweater thing reeled me in as I've just shrunk Another sweater of my husbands in the dryer .... !! Anyway, 'hi' from Ireland, good luck with the not eating out thing & I made chilli today too !!

    Siubhan x