18 October, 2012

Gluten-free cookies!

After being away from home this weekend, and making my stomach hate me by eating whatever I wanted, I've been a lot more careful these past couple of days. I've been eating a lot of salad, and I picked out a few different gluten-free things to try. I got an Amy's rice-flour frozen mac & cheese (which, by the way, is REALLY good!), a package of Kroger brand apple cinnamon rice cakes (also really good, better than the berry yogurt flavor), Van's gluten-free waffles (can't even tell they're gluten-free!) and the Mom's Best version of cocoa krispies (or pebbles? I don't know the difference.)

What I didn't buy, though, was cookies. Instead, I made some! Not from scratch; I made them from a mix. Usually I would balk at the thought of using a pre-packaged mix for something as simple as cookies, but as anyone else who has to eat gluten-free knows, nothing is simple when all the recipes you can find call for at least two but up to five or six different flours and xanthan gum. So last time we were at Kroger, and I was whining to Josh about how hard it was going to be to figure out how to make a gluten-free pizza crust, lo and behold Bob's Red Mill came to my rescue. They make a pre-packaged gluten-free pizza crust mix that even comes with the yeast! Genius! And then I noticed that two boxes over there was a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix that was on sale!

Well, tonight I finally got around to making (preparing) the cookies....and they are delicious! They're not like normal chocolate chip cookies, so I can't compare them exactly, but they're really good. They're thick, the texture is almost like oatmeal cookies, and they get crispy around the edges but stay really soft in the middle. They're not too sweet, and unlike the last gluten-free cookies I made, (from scratch, ironically) you can't taste that powdery, rice-flour taste that is sometimes associated with gluten-free stuff. (Not that I'm complaining - those cookies were great and I would make them again in a heartbeat! They're perfect dunked in coffee!) Anyway, if you're one of the cursed ones whose body rejects gluten and throws you into a three-day cycle of stomach pain and other various forms of torture, I highly recommend you check this out. Unless you just like buying 18 kinds of flour. And xanthan gum.

P.S. I'm totally tagging this part of the 31 days series because even though the preparation was minimal, I STILL MADE THEM. So there.

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