19 October, 2012

Foiled again!

Actually I just decided that the yard work I've been putting off for the last month or so just needed to GET DONE 

[I did work a little bit on a leather skull piece that I'm hoping to finish up tomorrow, but I don't know exactly what I want it to become so I'm holding off on posting it.]

When Josh and I moved here last October, we'd been living in apartments for the past five years. We'd amassed a nice collection of stuff, none of which had anything to do with cleaning, cutting, or otherwise taking proper care of a yard. And so, over the past year, we've slowly been collecting the necessary tools. I'm the one that actually likes to go out and work in the yard, so it's up to me, usually, to choose what I want and to speak up when I'm in need of something. Two weeks ago I finally got a machete to chop down these two huge bush/tree like things that have been growing since early summer. They got big enough that they were blocking the entire corner of the yard, and so I decided it was time for them to GO. And now, I am very proud to say, they're gone!

I didn't take before/after pictures because I didn't think of it (I honestly just woke up, decided it needed to get done now, and went out there blurry eyed and in my pajamas - hooray for safety!) but here's a (not entirely) recent picture so you can get an idea of what it looked like before (they'd actually doubled in size since this was taken):

And if you can imagine everything but the tree gone, that's the after! I'll take a picture of it tomorrow.

Anyway, after that we went and ate, and then I decided to go chop down more stuff in the back! (I was motivated...and chopping is fun.) Unfortunately the back yard is so overgrown (not all of it, just the very back, where the woods start) that you can't even tell I did anything at all! Hmmph. Oh well, at least you can get to the creepy little shack now. I think that's progress.

Orion helped me by dragging pieces off and leaving them scattered around the yard rather than in a nice pile.

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