24 October, 2012

31 Days Series: Skull vase

So after a giant break full of road trips, and doctor visits, and general laziness, I made something today! Woo!

Has anyone else seen those Pottery Barn skull vases? They're nice, and I've seen a few different DIY versions of them, but I went in a slightly different direction. Still a skull vase, but more obviously so. And, most importantly, an easy, 5 - 10 minute project.

First I cut a skull out of another scrap of leather.
(Forgive the funky shaped eye sockets. :P)

Then I hot glued a few rhinestones onto the head. (Obviously this is optional; I wanted mine to look kind of classy.) And then I hot glued the whole skull onto an empty and clean Elijah Craig bottle.

Insert a gorgeous, delicious smelling rose and you're done!

Easy, unique, and perfect for Halloween. You could even gift one to the host of a Halloween party! :)

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