30 September, 2012

31 Days: Challenge accepted

So over at the Nesting Place, there's this 31 Days thing. Where one has is encouraged to write about one topic, every day, for 31 (THIRTY-ONE) days. That's major. But I'm feeling crazy, so I'm jumping in headfirst. Here's what I'm shooting for:

I'm not only going to try to write everyday, I'm going to try to make something every day. I know, I'm insane. And while I hope that most of my projects will inspire surprise, I'm not promising it will always be a pleasant surprise. Some days you might find yourself shocked by the catastrophic failure I have created. But I promise to not hold back; if I fail, I fail, and I have no problem with showing how and why.(Which means that this can go one of two ways: You made that?! or You made that?! depending on how the project turns out...)

Anyway, I know my icon isn't super flashy, and my blog isn't the most popular, but I just want to have fun and give myself a reason to do something every single day. Since it's October, there's probably going to be a lot of Halloween themed stuff, but I also have a few clothing projects lined up, as well as some meals. (I had already planned on making home-made gluten-free pizza this week!) Plus, I've got to hit up a hardware store for this month's Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge...one item can count for both challenges, right? I certainly hope so, it's going to be a busy month!

So check back tomorrow, and see what I come up with on such short notice! :)

31 Days archive: 

Day 1: Sugar skull shirt (made from fabric scraps!)
Day 2: Asymmetrical skirt
Day 3: Leather & rhinestone bracelet
Day 4: Simple leather bat necklace
Day 24: Skull vase
Day 25: Sweater hats
Day 26: Halloween costumes
Day 28: Chili, of the hottest kind.
Day 29: Angora sweater accessories.
Day 30: Another hat, constructed from sleeves.

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