22 October, 2012

Incoherent ramblings. Mostly.

And by that I mean another day of not making anything! (Although, I did clear out my pantry, toss everything that was expired, and then leave most of it sitting out on the counter when I got distracted by going outside and playing ping-pong - does that count for anything?)

I also managed to (finally) remember to take that picture of the yard that I promised the other day.

See? Clear!

I know, I'm awesome. 

I can't remember what else it was I wanted to talk about earlier. I remember lying in bed last night thinking something weird about teachers and gas station attendants but 'last night' was really like 5 am this morning (my sleep schedule is majorly screwed up) and so lots of times my pre-sleep thoughts seem brilliant at the time but really don't make any sense.

And then again, sometimes they do make sense and I have a really hard time deciding whether I want to risk going to sleep and forgetting them, or make myself get up and write a little outline so that I'll remember it in the morning. That can lead to some pretty weird stuff though - depending on how coherent I am at the time. I've written down things that were amazing, and other things that I couldn't interpret.

I'm going to go watch some TV now. I drank too much caffeine and I'm just rambling nonsense.

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