27 October, 2012

Costumes! (and a fairy tale...)

Well apparently I was wrong and there was nothing going on downtown today. Fortunately I realized this before we got dressed up and went downtown. Then I would have really looked crazy.

But since I promised pictures, I fully intend to keep that promise! Here's a little story for you...

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood went out to the edge of the woods on her property to take some pictures. She did not have a basket of cookies for granny because then granny would have gotten distracted and not cooperated for a single picture.

Upon reaching granny's storage shed house, Red repeated those famous lines "Why granny, what big eyes you have..." but granny just sat there wagging his tale and not saying his lines on cue.

After luring granny out of the house, Red called upon her woodsman lover to evaluate the situation. It seemed there was something different about granny, but since she'd been a rotten old thing anyway, it was decided that the new, quieter granny was actually an improvement.

They decided to keep him around.

And they all lived happily ever after. :)

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