17 October, 2012

I've returned!

Sorry if I seemed to fall off the face of the earth for a whole week! Things got a little bit crazy around here. Remember my hand problem? Well it ended up getting worse and Benedryl wasn't helping me at all, so I went to the doctor, got a shot and two prescriptions, and am now finally, starting to feel normal again. My pointer finger is still a little itchy and numb but it's not swollen anymore, and it's not nearly as bad as it was last week. Crazy! I can't believe that one tiny little old spider molt would cause such a huge fuss.

But that wasn't the only excitement I had. Last Thursday we headed down to Magnolia again, as my brother was up visiting his girlfriend. So we went down for a long weekend, stayed with my in-laws, and spent time visiting with everyone. We also got to go to the thrift store since we made it down there on a weekday this time around. At the first place we went I got an owl painting, and a creepy looking doll for a grand total of $2.50. Perfect. Then we went next door (where I spotted the exact same owl painting for $10.99!) and I got an iron owl that I believe is to put a hot pot on (although he seems kind of small for that), a brass wall-mount candlestick, and a food chopper (not pictured.) I'm quite pleased with all these things, although I would have been much happier if there had been a matching pair for my candle stick.

I also saw a wonderful owl cookie jar but passed him up based on price...which is kind of ironic considering that on Saturday we went shopping and I ended up with these:

Despite the fact that I've been on the hunt for some comfy house shoes(boots) for a while now, I did not go in the store with the intention of buying these. I was just looking around, because the store (The Shoe Box) usually has really interesting and unique stuff. Unfortunately all the nice 'normal' boots they had this time around were made for people with no calf muscles...and just as I was about to give up I saw these. Tried them on...and couldn't resist! Seriously, it's like walking on clouds. They haven't come off my feet since I've been home. (Well besides when I took the picture :P) I never thought of myself as an Ugg person, but I definitely am now. (Although I must say, the only time you'll ever catch me wearing them out of the house is if we run to a drive-thru, or gas station in the middle of the night and I'm wearing pajamas.)

My other wonderful find of the weekend was actually found by Josh! He found this at the outlet store and asked if I wanted it! He should have known he didn't even have to ask.

And last but not least is this adorable owl shirt...don't ask why I'm so grumpy in this picture, I look really cute otherwise :P

So that's why I didn't make anything over the weekend, even though my hands are probably up to it now. I was off buying stuff instead!! Today was my rest day, though, and tomorrow I cross-my-heart that I will go into the craft room and sit my butt down and not get up until I have something (or two or three somethings) to post!

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