02 October, 2012



I promise I'm still working my craft o' the day, but I just had to tell this story. And since I can be a bit long winded with my story telling, this is the only proper place to do it.

So last night (this morning) once the coffee I had wayyy too late last night finally wore off (or so I thought, anyway) I got into bed to try and get to sleep. And proceeded to not fall asleep. I was just laying there staring at the wall thinking , and suddenly this spider starts to crawl up the wall. I think I've mentioned before that I'm cool with spiders. I have a tarantula, used to have two, actually, and like to find and identify other kinds of spiders around the house. If they're small I just leave them alone, and if they're big and not somewhere I can easily get to to catch & release them outside, they get a free pass too.

But this guy was crawling straight up the wall, on my side of the bed, and I was a bit worried that because he was so big he might fall...on my face...while I was sleeping. And if that happened I might accidentally swat at him, and scare him, and then he might bite me. Not knowing what he was at the time, I decided against getting bit. So I went to the kitchen and got a glass, and a thick piece of paper to slide under there and keep him inside.

I caught him with no problem, and brought him back to the kitchen to secure the cup in some way. I sat it down with my zune over the paper that was holding him in, and walked around the counter to get some cellophane, and on the way back straight up tripped over my dog, who stood up mid-trip, and managed to make it even worse. I don't even know how it all went down. I do know that at one point in the fall (which felt like very slow motion, to tell you the truth) my face smashed against his shoulder...I hit my knee on the floor, and Josh came running to find me on the floor howling in pain and Orion jumping around me because he clearly thought this was a new game.

Anyway, I'm just glad I was holding cellophane and not the glass with the spider in it because that would have been a real disaster! Here he is, a funnel web grass spider:

He's going to go live outside now.

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