03 March, 2014

March Sadness

I find myself lost in a fog, these days, a gentle haze that snuck up without my noticing and that has now penetrated every aspect of my life.

For one thing I've been sick for almost two months, with a constant runny nose and a sore throat that comes and goes. It's gotten worse over the past week, and I've been stuck in bed sleeping about 16 hours a day, and forcing myself to eat at least once when I do manage to wake up. I still went out with Josh on Friday and Saturday, and while I probably shouldn't have, at least I got to socialize a bit, though I probably seemed uninterested and aloof, which was not the case at all.

I feel trapped in my life, as I always do during seasons of transition. (I mean that literally - Fall and Spring always knock my feet out from under me, mentally.) I have a few projects in that works that are helping, but with The Sickness going on, they're not making much progress.

Once again Winter has overstayed it's welcome, and as I sit here typing this, there is an ice storm happening, and a chance that I could lose power at any given moment. I'm so over it. I want sun, I want warmth, even if it's just the subtle kind of warmth that you can only feel by standing in the sunshine.

Well, this is beginning to feel like a pity party so I'm going to stop now. Obviously not everything is bad, but when I'm sick I tend to wallow so I'll try to get on here and talk about something else when I start feeling better...which I hope will be very soon!

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