30 April, 2014


You know what no one ever tells you about getting older? That you never stop rediscovering yourself. Like that feeling you get when you're 16, and you're just starting to come into your own, and you think you're super unique, and you're just sure that you've got it all figured out...but you don't, and then you get the same feeling when you're 21...and 25...and 28...

Yeah. I just got hit by the 28 one. I'm switching out my entire wardrobe, I've semi-rearranged the bedroom, bought some new shoes, got a tattoo, and am thinking about moving to California. I think it's like an early mid-life crisis. Or, maybe I'm going to die at 60 and this is my mid-life crisis.

Anyway. At least my mental state is great at the moment. And that's without medication!

Other random things going on in my life:

Josh quit DJing last month. It was getting to be such a burden, and neither of us were having fun anymore. The club has been having it's own issues, and the last time he was supposed to play and decided not to there was a huge brawl and the DJ booth got smashed. That kind of sealed the deal on us not really wanting to go back.

I bought and planted two new rose bushes to compliment the other one I already have. Since I had red, I got white and pink. The pink ones are crazy looking...they're like hot pink and white striped. I can't wait til they get bigger!

I think I sat in poison ivy. I have it all over my legs, and it suuuucks. That's what I get for spending hours sitting on the ground in the backyard, taking pictures.

Oh! That reminds me, I set up a shop to start selling prints of my photography. So far I only have a few shots from this year, but I plan to spend the weekend digging through my old computer and another hard drive and get a lot more up. Here's the link if you're interested.

...I guess that's all for now!