04 October, 2015

Life lately

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted anything here! It really doesn't feel like that long. In December Josh got put on a project that had him traveling every week, so things got really strange. He missed my birthday and our anniversary, and I basically lived alone from December thru April. It wasn't fun by any means but I survived and I felt a lot more independent because of it. Then in May he started a different project where he was working overnight. That was worse. It sounds crazy, because hey at least he's home, right? But no. He sleeps all day so I have to find stuff to do that's quiet, and then he's up all night on the phone while I'm trying to sleep. And our house isn't big so...yeah. He got a different schedule for a while and things were better but now he's about to go back to overnights and working weekends and I am not pleased at all. But, what can I do, he's got a good job and he works from home.

When he started working overnights in May we (obviously) had to make a lot of changes and one of the most notable was that we stopped eating out. It was partially just because nothing is open in the middle of the night but the timing also coincided with my getting the DDP yoga system and I ended up losing quite a bit of weight and I'm in the process of amassing an entirely new wardrobe. It's not a bad feeling I gotta say...

I want to start writing more but I really don't know where to do it. Here is an option, but there's also my tumblr which is far more anonymous or I could go real old-school and go back to livejournal! Haha. Maybe I should just do that. I really should pick one project at a time, and I've got three half-finished dolls that I need to make dresses for soon but eh. I've never been good at finishing stuff before starting something new.

Because of that I also have more than a few boxes scattered throughout the house, some with stuff to get rid of, some with stuff to put away for the season, some with stuff that needs to be hemmed or altered in some way...ugh. I really need to organize my life. And also not forget that I'm supposed to throw a party at the end of this month. And then go to the Renaissance Festival next month. And then turn 30 in December. Although if I forget that it'd be fine by me.

I also just got back from visiting a friend in Pennsylvania. My first time flying alone! What an adventure. In order to make the most of it I decided to fly insanely hungover there and then ridiculously tired coming back. (I didn't, really, but those things did happen.) We had a great time and now I'm pining for that gorgeous fall weather because it's still hitting 90° most days. Which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't also have a red tide, currently, making it intolerable to sit on the beach.

This post sounds really complainy but I don't mean it to. Life is pretty awesome, still, and I've got multiple things to look forward to. Hopefully all of that will give me more fun stuff to write about. :)