31 March, 2014

Thoughts and such.

Whoaa, look at me posting twice in one month, what what!!!

Ok, sorry. I just decided to write a bit and was pleasantly surprised to find that it hasn't been as long as I thought since I took the time to post.

Life is still chugging along, I'm in the midst of rearranging my craft/guest room yet again, in the never-ending struggle to continue adding stuff without actually giving up any space. It's rough. I'm also thinking really hard about getting the dining room table out of storage and working on it, but once I cleaned out the carport in order to do that I realized how much I'd missed having an empty carport...so I think I may just hold onto that for a couple of more weeks.


Oh, I started subscribing to two different monthly boxes...I get Birchbox and the PopSugar Must Have box. I really like both of them! I tried out the Splendies panty box but was disappointed with the quality (or lack-of) so I canceled that one. I love boxes, so if you have a favorite let me know!

I don't know, man, I like having this blog as a place to write but with all the other social networks out there, sometimes it's just too much. I mean, I only post pictures on Tumblr, and I can't really write write on Facebook, but then again I don't really write write here either. I haven't written in the way I'm thinking about in a long time. Confused yet? Sorry...just thinking and writing.

I should. I miss writing. But when I think about how I was when I was writing, I was so depressed, I was in such a horrible state of mind...that's probably what made me so good at it, but I certainly have no desire to be that mentally unstable again. I wish my creativity wasn't tied to my mental state, but it kind of seems like it is. I can still write but it's a different style. Oh well, I guess I should just do it anyway, as long as I'm doing something it should count.

03 March, 2014

March Sadness

I find myself lost in a fog, these days, a gentle haze that snuck up without my noticing and that has now penetrated every aspect of my life.

For one thing I've been sick for almost two months, with a constant runny nose and a sore throat that comes and goes. It's gotten worse over the past week, and I've been stuck in bed sleeping about 16 hours a day, and forcing myself to eat at least once when I do manage to wake up. I still went out with Josh on Friday and Saturday, and while I probably shouldn't have, at least I got to socialize a bit, though I probably seemed uninterested and aloof, which was not the case at all.

I feel trapped in my life, as I always do during seasons of transition. (I mean that literally - Fall and Spring always knock my feet out from under me, mentally.) I have a few projects in that works that are helping, but with The Sickness going on, they're not making much progress.

Once again Winter has overstayed it's welcome, and as I sit here typing this, there is an ice storm happening, and a chance that I could lose power at any given moment. I'm so over it. I want sun, I want warmth, even if it's just the subtle kind of warmth that you can only feel by standing in the sunshine.

Well, this is beginning to feel like a pity party so I'm going to stop now. Obviously not everything is bad, but when I'm sick I tend to wallow so I'll try to get on here and talk about something else when I start feeling better...which I hope will be very soon!