29 January, 2013

Goals for February

Well, I did really well this month in keeping with my two main goals - not perfect, admittedly, since I did buy three things (although in my defense it seemed like I had a good reason at the time). My food goal is the clear winner this month, as I managed to log my food all but three days (!!) and I kept intake under my calorie limit for all but one day. (I had a giant chocolate bar on my anniversary...not sorry.) I found that I'm actually a lot better at keeping my carb/protein/fat balance in check than I had ever imagined I could be, and also that I am the queen of hitting insanely high fiber intake goals. (47 grams yesterday, for example.)

As a result of that, my goal for February is to focus on working out consistently. I'm shooting for at least 30 minutes a day, 4 day a week. (5 would be nice, but I know how out of shape I currently am, and I'm thinking realistically here.) My kettle bell set will be here on Friday, so that's what I'll focus on for the month.

I'm also re-instating part of my no-buy goal: this will apply only to clothes. (I've lost 7 pounds so far, and obviously hope to lose more, so there's no sense in buying new clothes that will hopefully be too big soon.) I do, however, have a pair of shoes that I've had my eye on for a couple of months now, and I think I have Josh convinced, so maybe I can buy them sometime soon. (They're Prada's, hence the need for convincing.)

That reminds me, my anniversary present got here yesterday!

When we got married, I got a ring, but I didn't get to choose it. A few months later I got another ring, one I chose, but it still felt too conventional. I've always felt like having a diamond was so...boring. I know that I could have skipped the tradition altogether and not even worn a ring, but that's not exactly what I wanted to do. I still wanted a symbol of marriage, just something that was more a symbol of our marriage, and not just a 'back off, I'm married' ring. I considered a pearl, a black diamond, and moonstone, before deciding that a sapphire made sense because it was both Josh's birthstone, and the traditional stone for 5 years of marriage.

 I also got a free pearl necklace with purchase. Awesome. If you've ever seen my old ring, then it's pretty obvious that Josh did well in choosing my absolute favorite style. This was a long tangent.

Anyway, goals are set, and if I win then I've got a nice prize for myself picked out already. Unless those Prada's become my prize. I could live with that.

I don't really know what would constitute 'winning' though. Let's just say losing 10 pounds? That's a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Especially with the help of those wonderful, awful kettle bells. I'm terrified and excited.

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