21 January, 2013

Weekend words

I don't know why I've been more philosophical than crafty lately, but oh well. It is what it is. Plus, my craft room is still sort of disaster-y because we haven't gotten around to donating the discarded clothes, and the cat has been sleeping on them. And also, you know, it's just generally messy and I hate going in there when it's messy. One of these days I'll be in a cleaning mood, and I'll go in there, but it's been sunny the past few days so we've been spending more time outside.

Both Friday and Saturday Josh and I did our workouts outside. Thursday we tried to go outside for a while, but Belle was out there with us and had a panic attack and got tangled around a post, then clawed her way up my leg. It was extremely painful for me, and obviously terrifying for her (it took at least five minutes of talking to her calmly, while bent over and holding her up with her claws sunk deep into the back of my thigh before I could even get her to let go), so we gave up and came back inside. I still have a bunch of bruises but she seems to have recovered nicely. No more going outside for her though.

Oh! The shopping trip on Friday went well. Josh got two pairs of dress pants and two shirts, and I got two shirts and a skirt. (The skirt is so great! Looks like this one.) One of the shirts I got is black/white/gold striped, to match my new gold glittery Chinese Laundry shoes that came in yesterday. The other is a grey, three-quarter sleeve, asymmetrical hem sweater. I'm feeling a lot calmer about traveling now.

...or at least I was until I thought about it.

Thursday I got a new book, The Naked Foods Cookbook. We were walking around downtown, and I wandered into one of the bath-houses while Josh was taking a restroom break and found it. The gluten-free, healthy fats part is what grabbed my attention - I've never been one to fall into any kind of 'fad diet' trap. I've done my homework, I know enough about nutrition to hold an educated conversation, and I hate when people think that eating low-fat processed food is a better choice than raw nuts/nut butter or an avocado, just because of the fat content. Anyway, I'm rambling - it's a great book, I'm going through it slowly and loving every page!

On the flip side, I also bought the Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You, and didn't like it at all! The format of it sucked; it basically just profiled all the people from that particular season in the first part, and then, when I got into the recipe part, nearly every single one of them uses a microwave! That's not a recipe to me. I guess they're geared more towards people with busy lives and all, but still. Don't waste your money on that. I didn't learn anything from it that I didn't already know, other than a bunch of random facts about a bunch of random people. (In the interest of total honesty, though, I haven't finished this book either, and I doubt that I ever will.)

As usual I have no solid plans this week, but Friday is our 5 year anniversary and Josh clearly has something up his sleeve. I know I'm getting a gift, and I know (vaguely) what it is, but I don't know when it will be here, and he seems to want to 'present' it at a dinner or something, so I don't know when we'll actually be celebrating. I'm not one that puts a lot of emphasis on this sort of thing, though, so it does not matter to me when (or even if) we go out and celebrate. I much prefer a night at home, wearing pajamas and watching tv together. I just cannot believe we're going to have been married for five years. It does not seem like it was that long ago that we were standing there in the courthouse, waiting in line, and then running across Burnet in the middle of rush hour on a rainy winter day because we were hungry and couldn't get a seat at Trudy's. And while our wedding day may not have been traditional, it was fun, quite fitting for us, and full of love and laughter.

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