01 February, 2013

I'm rambling. Ignore me.

Hey, remember that time I quit drinking, and then got caught up in a Cougar Town marathon and Josh and I downed a bottle of wine together? And then I justified it because the wine has been in the kitchen for like three months, and since I technically quit drinking to save money, and we didn't actually spend money on the wine it was all ok?

Or how about the time I vowed not to buy anything for a whole month, and then buckled on the last day and bought Marc Jacobs watch?

So yeah both of those things happened today. I'm sticking to my guns on the wine thing (because really, the bottle was just collecting dust, and if there was ever a show that begged to be watched with a glass of wine, it's Cougar Town.) I have no excuse for the watch, though, other than maybe I won't actually have it in January...so, there's that.

I can justify anything. It's a gift.

In other news, my kettle bell set got here yesterday and despite my body feeling absolutely wrecked today, we now have two days of kettle bell workouts under our belt(s). It hurts so good. So. Good.
I'm getting really annoyed with my anxiety (because that sounds completely normal) and so I'm going to try and see a doctor and maybe get something to help me fall asleep at a normal time...and if I get murdered in my sleep, then oh well, at least I won't be having an anxiety attack while it happens.

Today we had appetizers for dinner. And by that I mean I roasted some potatoes, then covered them in bacon and cheddar. Because I can. Also, because the only meat we had left was chicken, and we had chicken last night, and I don't even like chicken, so I went with bacon instead. It's dead pig - it's totally a meat group.

(See? Bacon for dinner - justified.)

Anyway, while I did really well this month with cooking almost daily, I didn't really have a system, so another thing I'm trying out for February is planning meals, and actually buying the stuff I need ahead of time. (It's a genius idea, really, I should probably patent it or something.) I have no illusions about it becoming a long term thing, though, because if there is one thing I am horrible at, it's following through on plans. I'm great at making them, great at making fancy lists, but then I'll inevitably forget something really important...or the list itself. It's just something I'm trying out, mostly so that we can add some new staple meals into our rotation, because while Josh is totally fine with our tacos - s'ghetti - chicken nugget - steak - pulled pork - baked cod rotation, I want a few more options.

I signed up for a trial Rdio account. I don't have any pictures to post. That's all.

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  1. Glad your going to see a doctor I'm sure it will help :) I wish I could get Josh to go see a doctor but he's a bit stubborn and the VA system can be a pain which I completely understand. I went for a couple months after I met Josh. Talking really helped. They put me on xanax? I don't know how you spell it lol I took one and it gave me more anxiety. If they do give you anything and it makes you feel worse don't take it! When Josh got out of the army he was on tons of meds that he didn't need so just be careful. You guys are awesome btw...if you guys do end up coming over here during the summer I think you'll love it :D Miss you girlie!