15 January, 2013

Random thoughts pt 4

Almost halfway through my month of no shopping. My wishlist on shopbop is filling up fast. That's ok though. It can wait.

I decided to finally buckle down and learn a new language, and of course chose one that doesn't even use the same alphabet. But I'm really excited, and it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I'm using memrise for now, and once I've got the basics Josh is going to get me the Rosetta Stone program. And then, once I get through that, and can hold a conversation, we're going to go to Tel Aviv to celebrate. (That should clue you in to the language.)

This morning, I had set alarms for three different times, about a half hour apart, to try and start the process of resetting my sleep schedule, but then changed my mind and turned them off. Then, at the time I had set the first alarm, I got an email, at the time I had set the second alarm, I got a wrong-number call, and at the time I had set the third alarm, my mom called and I actually had to wake up. Weird, huh? (You'd think so too if you knew how rarely I got emails to that account, or phone calls.)

I really love the cold, and I also love rain, but I wish they would quit teaming up so often. I get sad when I can't go outside for too many days in a row, and I've about reached my limit.

I used to use calorie-count to log my food, then it merged with about.com and was ok for a while, but the latest overhaul they did was horrible. I couldn't figure out how to do anything anymore! So I tried sparkpeople and that was just as annoying - they didn't have some really common stuff. So I resigned myself to using my fitness pal, even though it's not as detailed as calorie-count used to be, and logging stuff is weird because you can't just enter a number of grams. I guess I could always just do it by hand in a note-book.

I eat a lot of fiber. All naturally, and most from vegetables, fruits, and beans - I don't take any kind of supplements, or add anything crazy to my food/water, and I certainly can't eat any high-fiber bread products. Josh was actually concerned that I might hit some sort of fiber ceiling, but luckily, there is no upper limit on fiber intake.

I've replaced coffee with mio energy (black cherry flavor - tastes just like black cherry koolaid, but for 0 calories). No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make myself like coffee without sugar + milk, so I switched.

Drinking a frozen smoothie when it's below freezing outside and your heater refuses to kick on unless you let a bunch of cold air in waiting for the dog to hurry up and poop can actually result in an inability to get warm.

There's this one thing...that I can't help. I can control it on good days, but sometimes life is just too much, and old habits die hard. It's the only thing I try to cover up, lie about when people ask questions, the one thing I have never admitted openly.

We bought harness and leash so that Belle could go outside safely (after she snuck out twice!) and after three outings she has decided that outside isn't so great after all.

Nearly 20 years after I was forced to quit (not like forced, just, we moved to a really, really small town) ballet I still miss it. I like doing pilates because it feels similar.

I think my mind works differently than most peoples, and I often have questions regarding what led someone to make a certain decision. Over time, though, I've come to realize that people don't like discussing their reasoning; they just get angry and defensive. I don't understand that either.

I really wish I could move my desk somewhere else in the office.

My computer keeps trying to restart so I'm going to go start getting ready to go to bed. Hopefully I can fall asleep, and get up even earlier...and maybe, by the end of the week I'll be waking up before noon!

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