24 January, 2013

Blood and words

Growing up, I used to be exceptionally accident prone - if there was a way to injure oneself, I was the one that would find it. I once broke my ankle in the deep end of a swimming pool. (Yes, there was water in it at the time.) For a few years I thought that I might have outgrown it, but this past year my ability to obtain injuries where none should occur appears to have returned. Today I managed to both fall off my exercise ball and land on my elbow, and to slice my finger open on a small, hidden latch on the inside of the dishwasher. And even though I washed it really well, and put neosporin and a bandaid, it kept bleeding and now there is a pool of crusty blood all the way around my nail and under it. Gross.

Moving on, though, remember how I mentioned a long time ago that I was going to review some gluten free products, and never did? Well, never fear, I didn't forget, I've just been trying out a bunch of different stuff, and saving the boxes in a nice, messy stack on the counter that Josh finally asked about. Tomorrow I'm going to lay them out and take pictures, then write a short summary of how I feel about each one, in one long post instead of spreading them out.

I know I mentioned that my goal for January was mostly to focus on logging my food intake more than it was about changing it, but after just a couple of days of logging, I realized that I wasn't really eating too many calories, I was just eating...wrong. I've actually managed to (finally) find a way of eating that fills me up, gives my body everything it needs, and is consistent enough that I can keep my shopping list simple, and my calorie/nutritional values average about the same daily, but variable enough that I'm not getting bored, or eating the same exact thing for every meal every day. I haven't gotten tired of cooking, or running the dishwasher more often, or of my meals taking longer to prepare. And, bonus, I've only eaten out twice so far this whole month!

Obviously, I did break my 'no buy' goal, but I am not too worried about it, since it was for a special occasion. Plus, February and March are probably going to end up being 'no buy' or 'low buy' too, because there's a payroll switch happening, and Josh is going to have to travel in March. Ugh. Not looking forward to that. My parents might come up and keep me company, but if not then I'm in for a very sleepless week.

Haha, Orion has a pillow:

It's a phone picture, because if I get up to get my camera he'll move.

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