05 January, 2013


Hmm. So designating clothing to donate has gotten easier each time I peruse my closet and we have now reached a point where I have SO MUCH to give away that I am having trouble figuring out how to get it all packed up. Bags? I'd be hauling like 20 walmart sacks worth of stuff! But I don't really have any extra boxes lying around either. Maybe I'll find one in the storage room, I plan on giving that a once over sometime this weekend, along with the kitchen.

And apparently Belle felt that I didn't have enough to do this weekend, because this morning she knocked down the curtains in our bedroom. I don't know how she did it, but she brought down the curtains, rod, the rod holder, and even managed to pull the screws out of the wall.

Also, remember how I talked about tossing out a bunch of make-up? I did, but I couldn't really follow through with the whole 'anything more than a year old' statement because it seems that I haven't really bought any makeup in the past year. Oops. I guess 2012 was the year of clothes. I only bought one purse, and...four pairs of shoes, I think. I'm probably forgetting a pair of shoes (or maybe even two) but still, that's pretty tame for me. I used to be far more concerned with purses and shoes than clothes, but now my focus has shifted, and once I get my Balenciaga, I can't see myself wanting any other purse ever again. (Ok, that's a lie, but it will definitely keep me happy for a while.)

Anyway, here's a (poorly lit) picture of my newly organized makeup shelf, followed by a shot of all the clothes I have ready to be packed up and donated. (Not shown are three pieces of fabric that I'm also getting rid of - they're currently in the washing machine so they'll be fresh and unwrinkled.)

Excuse the preening cat in the background. She is thoroughly convinced that since we moved that bed to the craft/guest room it is now hers.

Hopefully I can get all the donating/organizing out of the way this weekend, and then get back to posting some crafts, it's been a while and going through all this fabric has got me itching to make something!

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