04 November, 2012

Doll makeover: better than expected!

Have you ever started a project kind of mindlessly, thinking you'll just kind of see where it goes?

Last night I was itching to do something, but I didn't really feel like starting on something complicated. I wanted a simple project that I could work on while I was in the living room watching SNL. Then it came to me! Remember that creepy looking doll I picked up in Magnolia last month? I had been looking at pictures from all the Dia de los Muertos celebrations in Mexico, so I figured I could dress her as a mourner. I cut off her dress, and painted her tiny face white, then realized her hair was getting in the way. I ripped the whole piece off, (which enabled me to paint her whole head) and then started drawing on the face details. It turned out way better than I expected. I had no idea that I had painting skills like that. Anyway, once I saw how well her makeup turned out I had to go all out on her dress.

I used a few scraps that were laying around, hand stitched everything onto her, and voilĂ ! An adorably accurate, slightly creepy, really expensive looking doll.

(This one is to give you an idea of her size, compared to the spool of thread.)

I put her on the window so I could do a side-by-side before/after, and Belle wasn't sure whether she was a friend or foe!

This is one of the better ones that shows off her dress.

Oh, I also went to restore yesterday and got two more pieces to cut up. A sparkly black short-sleeve turtleneck, and a gold sparkly sweater dress. They're both too small for me to wear so they'll be getting re-purposed sometime this week. Maybe even later today, I am in a DO STUFF kind of mood. :)

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