15 November, 2012


Yesterday evening I had a slight relapse of sick, just enough to make me delirious enough to think that it was necessary to pull out and inventory all of my fabric. Less than 5 minutes later Josh heard me moaning and walked into my craft room and witnessed this state of affairs:

It was nearly enough to send me into an anxiety attack. So I walked out and haven't really gone in there today. BUT I do have a plan. The plan is to go through and start with all the super special fabric that I'm saving for as of yet unplanned projects. Those will go in the bottom of the bin. Then I'll put away stuff that I do have a (sort-of) plan for, or a summer-clothing related plan for. That should fill up one bin, which will subsequently be placed Out of Sight.

Once that's done, I should start to get back some of my sanity, and can then designate what I want to continue to use for projects I've already started, and what I want to use in the immediate future for other fall/winter related crafting projects.

In the meantime, I spent today not thinking about any of that, playing outside with my dog, spray painting a giant tree branch silver for a project that may or may not work out, and driving around in the cold taking pictures. Also, my newest sunglasses arrived, and they are very awesome. (I kind of have an addiction to Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Today's addition brings the grand total to six...for the time being.) I spent a little time reconfiguring my bedroom, too. I have this huge mirror that...really is more trouble than it's worth. At the moment it's sitting on the floor because I don't have a way to hang it (it's seriously huge, and wayy heavy), but if I leave it uncovered the cat will just sit in front of it and scratch at it (I don't know if she's trying to fight the 'other cat' or free her, but it's annoying.) Anyway, I moved the mirror from one side of the room to the other, and am still trying to work out how to make it so I can use it without having to hang it, and without Belle having a way to reach it. So far...I have nothing.

Tomorrow I will most definitely put The Plan into action, and will also work a little more on the branch related project (which I'm really hoping works out!). And by tomorrow I mean later today, for all you people with normal schedules and what not...

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