16 November, 2012

Friday fun

No, my craft room is not organized yet, so I've been spending my time crafting outside. Yesterday we were at Lowe's to pick up some hooks for the Mystery Branch Project (that I'm about 80% done with now!) and I saw a can of frost paint. I got it and tried it out today on an empty liquor bottle. I also managed to find a use for some of the stickers I get constantly in the mail from different organizations asking for money.

Not that I'm against donating money to charity, but my rule is if you're spending money trying to get my money, then I'm not going to donate to you. So I have approximately 50 sheets of name stickers that I never use because I rarely mail things, and when I do I go to the post office and forget the stickers anyway. Sorry, tangent.

Anyway, I used my maple leaf cut-out thing-a-ma-gig and made 12 stickers, then put them on an empty Pyrat bottle, then turned it upside down and frosted it. After it was dry I peeled the stickers off. 1 or 2 of them left some sticker residue but it came off pretty easily with my nail, and no damage to the frost around it. It was incredibly hard to photograph the finished product though, so sorry if you can't really see it that great.

Here's the process:

I don't know whether I want to use it as a vase or shove a candle in there. At the moment it's a vase, but I think it can also be used to hold a candle. Either way, I think it came out pretty good. :)

I also made threw together this cute little arrangement.

Just filled a vase with pine cones, then stuck in a few pine branches. Really, really easy, considering all it took was a walk around the perimeter of my yard.

I'm really excited about the branch thing. Like, really excited. I keep going outside and touching them, but since it's cool outside they're not drying as fast as I want them too. It may be Monday before the entire project is complete, but it's going to be so worth it. (Well for me anyway. You might just think I'm crazy and weird.)

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