12 November, 2012

Skirt reveal!

Ok, so I know I mentioned that I had finished making this skirt, but what I didn't mention was that it is, truly, the best skirt I have ever made. Hands down. It took a few days, partially because I was sick and partially because I work better if I stretch things out, and take plenty of breaks. It was constructed from part of a skirt I bought at restore that was...odd, and part of a lace shirt. I say I made it because even though I used pieces from things that were already made, I actually deconstructed them completely, and started fresh using already cut pieces of fabric. I initially put the lace in to make the skirt a little longer, but it came out really nice (or so I think) and looks like a classy yet sexy skirt. I'm extremely pleased.

Close-up of the lace detail
Pretty good, eh? I'm insanely proud. Can't wait until I'm completely well and have a chance to wear it out!

Now I'm working on a shirt for my mom...no pictures yet because so far I've only done the alterations on the shirt itself (an XL I had bought for myself but never wore because it was too short)...my mom is tiny but pear shaped, so I took it in under the arms and at the top so it wouldn't hang off her shoulders, but left the bottom alone so it will be comfortable. Anyway, that's all I've done so far, but I'm going to put a (burlap) Christmas tree on it and then decorate it with ribbon and pearls. It'll be cute! Hopefully I'll get that done by the end of the week.

I've also been toying with the idea of making a night-gown for myself, based on one I already have and love, but can't figure out what kind of fabric I'd want to use. Hmm.

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