14 September, 2012

I seem to have lost a whole week...

Does it seem to anyone else like September suddenly got a lot shorter? I could swear it was just yesterday that I was calmly planning far enough ahead that everything would be ready in time for Joshs birthday party, and I would have plenty of time to get the house in order like I wanted without rushing or stressing, and suddenly here we are and the party is one week away (ONE.WEEK.) and somehow my house is messier than it was when I started! Ugh. I need better planning skills. And a few extra hours in my days.

Today, though, I wanted to relax and not think about everything I wasn't doing, and go to the fair. So we did. Only I hadn't anticipated getting on rides that I hate (which is, essentially, all rides, ever) and now I feel like my brain got shook out of place and my legs are sore because I was pressing my feet into the floorboard really hard to try and maintain some semblance of stability. Other than that, though, it was a great time! I got lots of cool pictures (they're all on my Tumblr, as usual), had sausage-on-a-stick, won a goldfish, looked at prize chickens and bunnies, and ate home made donuts. We brought home a bag full of free swag and Orion promptly destroyed the frisbee.

Oh, in the midst of my half-hearted attempts to clean yesterday I did manage to make this office sign out of two keyboards, some burlap, and an old picture frame:

Other than that, though, most of my effort is focused on getting things presentable (I have very high standards) and trying to get the bag of stuff to give away to Re-store. I've actually managed to get it into the back of the car, so we're halfway there! I'm thinking about going out there tomorrow, while Josh is working, but I don't know. I'll probably use the clothes as an excuse to go, and come home with more than I left with!

Oh, I haven't mentioned, I found the perfect overalls to put on the Micheal Myers I'm going to build! It's going to be great! My brother actually gave me an old pair of his combat boots to use, too, so once the party is over next week I'm going to start working on Halloween stuff! AHHH I'M SO EXCITED!

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