25 September, 2012

Weekend update

I think the fact that I didn't have the energy to even sit and write an entire blog post until now says a lot about how crazy, awesome, and exhausting the weekend was.

I couldn't write about it here, but I had actually invited two of Joshs friends from out of town, and they both got here Thursday night...right about the time Josh had headed into the bathroom. Here's the video of that fiasco...

I felt kind of bad about that, we had planned to surprise him at Chili's but their drive ended up being longer than expected so they just came straight to our house when they got in. They actually parked down the street and freaked out our neighbors!

It was such a jam-packed weekend, so many people in and out, adventures galore, more booze than I could even keep up with, cars everywhere. I think at most, on Saturday afternoon we had a group of 13 people. That didn't last the whole time, but we were averaging about 8 most of the weekend. We had a nice little caravan going anytime we went anywhere.

Here are a few pictures:

Midnight shots!

Me, Adrian (friend from Austin), Aaron (my brother-in-law), Josh, Danica, and Riquo (friends from Phoenix)

Ping pong at 2AM

Lunch on Friday, birthday MonkeyRita's!

Walking around downtown

Testing the hot spring water

and then we built a bonfire...out of a pallet.


...things got blurry

...that was only through Friday night but I think you get the gist of it. Fun times, basically a three day party. So glad it worked out. And so glad I did finally get my butt in gear and get the house cleaned! ;)

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