25 June, 2012


Well, in true insomniac form I am watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch re-runs, and painting my toenails at 2 am. We did have a great weekend though.

Friday we had Mooyah, their burgers are soo good! We used to have one near us in Austin for a while, but then one day it just disappeared, and so we hadn't had it in a really long time...they changed things up a bit, and they now have a system like Which 'Wich, where you fill in a little card with your name and how you want your sandwich, and just hand them that.

We also made a stop at Michael's, I've been wanting to make some galaxy pants for while now, and I was also thinking about how I had seen scraps of leather during my last visit. So I scooped up some fabric paints (including glow-in-the-dark!), a few things off the clearance table, and a half-pound bag of leather scraps that was on sale.

So far I've made a bracelet and chevron necklace using the white leather, but haven't quite gotten to the galaxy pants yet. I'm a little intimidated, to be honest. I've bleached jeans before, but just by throwing them in a bucket or the washing machine with bleach and water, never in a controlled pattern, and I haven't painted fabric since...about the third grade. I think I'm going to experiment with an old, faded, too-small skirt, first, just to see how it's going to go. If it comes out good, then I'll hold on to the skirt until I lose some weight (more on that in just a sec) and if not, then it's no big loss, really.

Saturday we grilled fajitas (the last pack of 4 that my parents brought the last time they visited - we can get the meat and do them ourselves, but HEB ones are really a treat) and corn, and I made tortillas and Mexican rice to go with them. It was delicious, and we ate on that all day. We mostly just sat around and relaxed, it was a good day.

I finally got around to clearing off the bed for us (and by that I mean I swept all my purses and pajamas onto the floor, where they'll likely stay for a few more days before I get around to actually putting them up.)

Today (yesterday? technically, but I'm still up...) we started our workout plans. I'd been doing really well for a while, from like March all the way through May I'd been eating well, logging my food, and working out at least four times a week. And then I injured my toe and it all went downhill from there. At first I literally couldn't even walk, so I knew there was no way I could work out. Then, it started to get better but I still couldn't bend it up or sideways, so I was worried about having to do things like push-ups and mountain climbers. And for the past two weeks it's been depression and laziness that have gotten the best of me. But I decided today that I need to start getting back into it, because after having been out of it for so long there's no way I'll be able to jump right back into where I was. I'm going to have to start out slow(ish) again, and work back up to where I was.

And that's a depressing thought, in itself. I was doing so well, I was up to an hour a day, comfortably. I'm angry with myself for letting my laziness get the best of me. I'm really competitive, and Josh doesn't care about working out at all, so part of it was having no one to pace against, or to push myself to beat. I know that's no excuse, I need to be my own motivator and do it for myself...but, once I said something about it, Josh decided he would start trying again too, so he started researching other workouts, and he found some weird prison workout that he's going to do, based on using your body-weight, and doing a lot of strength and endurance...so we decided that I would do my 90 Day Supreme, and he'd do his own thing, and we'll see whose works best. Which is kind of awesome, and really exactly what I needed! I think I'm going to 'win' not only because I'm super competitive and I'm going to try really hard, but because my plan is 45 minutes a day for 6 days a week, and his is two exercises a day two days a week (at first. I think. He tried to explain it, but it was confusing to me. Part of the reason I was much happier to do mine that came with a calendar that tells you which video to do each day.)

Anyway. I'm also working to get back to eating as healthy as I had been before too...I had been doing great with counting calories, and getting tons of fiber...and, for whatever reason, once I'm out of that groove it's so hard to get back into it. I've been easing back into it slowly, though. I wish it wasn't so hard. I mean, I'm always happier when I'm working on being healthy. It carries over into every other part of my life, and yet I still have to work so hard to get myself there mentally. And really, that's what I'm doing it all for anyway is my health. I don't care about being skinny, I just want to be as healthy as I can be, physically and mentally, and that includes both eating right and working out.

Enough of that! Want to hear a funny story? Our floorboards are still kind of warped from the AC flood of 2012, and so we've got a box fan going hoping that they'll fix themselves if they dry up (so far no luck). But, Belle seems to have gotten the impression that the fan is her own personal cat-level AC, and has taken to laying out in front of it. Sometimes she'll get way up close, right in front of it, and other times she'll sit further back, but whenever the living room comes up in her spot rotation, she makes sure she's in the line of cool air.

Orion is back to normal now. He got to go to Petco today, so we could get him a new bag of food, and, as usual, he became the center of attention. One dude actually laid down on the floor and let Orion slobber all over him! His lady was thoroughly embarrassed. Orion was ecstatic, and we were amused. He got a treat at the counter too. That put him in a great mood for the rest of the day, he loves going out and seeing people. He's such a happy, friendly dog.

Next weekend is the Purple Hull Pea Festival! If you're not familiar, you should educate yourself. Emerson Arkansas hosts a festival that features pea-shellin', pea-eatin', and tiller racin'! (Seriously.) This is the first time I'll be back since I've gotten my camera, and despite the fact that they race them in the almost unbearable heat at 2 pm, I'm hoping for some great shots! Unfortunately they now have a 50 hp limit on them, (there used to be one with a motorcycle engine that no one could keep up with - the racer would also lose control and fall! But holy moly was it fun to watch!) but it'll be fun none-the-less. So you probably won't hear from me until Monday or so, but be sure to check my Tumblr! Getting my shots up on there is always top priority.

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