06 June, 2012

Time travel

I think we've all that moment when we see something from the past and fall so deeply in love with it that we wish we could be transported to the time when it was new, and being displayed properly, it all it's glory. Perhaps a spectacular 18th century wing-back chair, or even something more grand, like a Shakespearean play.

I often think about the various time periods that I love, everything from the the gilded age of the Egyptians, to the rise and fall of the Roman empire, to the dark ages, and the traumatic 1930s and 1940s. I've always been a history buff, inhaling whatever knowledge of the past that I could, by whatever means I could. I dreamed of sailing the Nile in a wooden ship, and being persecuted as a witch. (Seriously, those are both things I've actually dreamed.) (And, I kind of just noticed, I'm really into conflict...)

But then reason sneaks in, and whispers in my ear, reminding me that the chances that I would survive very long at all in any of those historical periods are probably pretty low. First off, I can't talk any other language. I'd be a foreigner, in crazy clothes, and probably taller than everyone, even the men. If I did happen to 'land' somewhere that they spoke English, it would be a very different dialect. We could probably communicate, to an extent, but I'd sound funny, and I'm sure that they'd be highly suspicious of me. Not to mention, unless it was the dead of winter, those people would more than likely stink to high heaven. So I'd offend them by choking on their smell, I have no doubt about that.

Then we have to factor in the lack of everything else that I'm used to. No running water, no toilets, no chocolate. No electric oven and especially no car to drive around it. Even if I had money on me, no one would take it so I couldn't buy anything. I'd be forced to become a thief just to survive. I certainly couldn't find a job, I have no skills that would apply in that situation.

No thanks, I'll stick to my imaginations version of time travel, where I land in the castle, am welcomed by royalty, and spend my days running through the woods pretending I'm Lili and hoping Jack will find me and lead me to the unicorns...

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