29 June, 2012

Floor cravings

Oddly enough, ever since I started working out again, I've been much more comfortable sleeping on the floor than the bed. Also out of my life? Pillows. One arm folded under my head is the perfect height, every pillow I own feels too tall and I wake up with a sore neck.

And that is why I just woke up from an evening nap on the floor of my craft room. It wasn't exactly planned, after Josh passed out in his chair in the living room (obviously we're champion sleepers) I went into the craft room to try and finish organizing and cleaning in there (we've got company coming!) and it seems I passed out as well. I woke up being pushed into the table by Orion. So lesson learned about floor sleeps - if I don't close the door, it's an open invitation for my animals to join me!

We've taken a new approach to sleeping, after a number of unsuccessful attempts to get back to 'normal'. I figured what does it matter, we don't have a schedule we have to adhere to. Some nights I can't fall asleep, and some days I can't wake up. So instead of forcing myself to follow a sleep pattern that other people consider normal, I'm just going to sleep when I'm tired. Sometimes I'll sleep for three hours and then be up for 12, other times I'll sleep 9 hours and then be up for 20. I figure my body will tell me when it's tired, and then I'll sleep. If I'm not tired, there's no reason to lay in bed, tossing and turning, and then force myself to get up two hours after I finally fall asleep, right? I would think that's far more detrimental to my health. It seems to be working out alright, the only problem I can foresee having is when we're not at home or when we have company here. (Both of which are happening in the next week.) But I'm not worried, schedules always get switched up in those situations, and if I have to stay up with less sleep, my adrenaline will be pumping and I probably won't have any issues. 

My workouts have been going good, the videos are challenging but fun, and they don't really seem that long because they're split into warm up, workout, and cool down. I've been sore this week, but in a good way, not like the it hurts so bad I can't work out again kind. My muscles feel like they're getting longer. I can't really explain it, but that's how the soreness feels, like someone stretched them out length-wise. Surprisingly (for me, at least) the workout on the exercise ball made me the most sore, especially my lower abs! I was not expecting that.

I think that if I have time tomorrow I'm thinking of making Orion a little back-pack of sorts. I'm tired of lugging his stuff around in my purse, and half the time I don't even want to carry a purse in the first place. So I'm thinking that if he carries the pack, he can hold my phone and wallet, plus his own water bottle, treats, and whatever else I need to throw in there. Not to mention, an adorable dog with a backpack? He'll just get even more attention. We'll see how that works out, though, since I've got to pack for all three of us, remember to charge all my things, and then on top of that remember all the other stuff that will get thrown in the car but not packed. I love road trips, but the hours just before leaving always stress me out and make me kind of crazy.

We'll only be gone two nights, and it's only two hours away, but I know myself, and any time I'm away from the house I come back and need a day off. I just want to relax in my pajamas, watch TV, nap, and have a refreshing beverage. But I'm not really going to be able to do that, because my friend from Austin will be here on the 4th! She's driving to Alabama, and even though this is a smidge out of the way, she's taking a detour to see me! I feel so honored, and am ridiculously excited (as you have probably noticed by the slew of exclamation points I have unleashed.) We haven't really had company since we moved here, so I'm trying to get the house all in order and make everything look nice and neat. Both my and Josh's families have come, but my parents helped us move in, and his aren't that far away, and even though I love them, and love to have them here, it's different when it's someone that's not related to you coming to visit. I hope they have time to go see some sights and visit some of the awesome stuff here. :) I love showing people around, because I really and truly love where I live.

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