10 June, 2012

Breaking out

This past week has been kind of rough. I've had at least three full-blown anxiety attacks, and even one is emotionally and physically draining, so I've mostly just been moping around the house trying to find any excuse in the world to not do anything, but I know that's bad so I'm at least trying to work on a few different craft projects and going outside and taking pictures. It's been slow, but I'm starting to feel somewhat better today, so I hope that sticks.

Current projects include: two pairs of jeans that have been bleached. One has been cut into shorts, but I'm still working out what exactly I want to do with the other, and whether or not I want to dye both or either of them. I just dip dyed a denim skirt the other day (with a teal fade effect, it came out pretty nice if I do say so myself!) so I don't know how I feel about having multiple bleached/dyed denim pieces. I did buy a bunch of jeans at Re-Store the other day though ($2 a piece, so why not?) so I have plenty more to play around with if I change my mind on anything.

I've also got to get to Walgreens at some point today to pick up a bunch of pictures that I printed, then I've got to cut/glue them onto my scrapbook paper, frame them, and hang them, so hopefully that will cheer me up a bit. I love not only taking pictures, but also seeing how great my photography looks hanging up, and it's all cool/fun stuff we've done in the past few months, and it's nice to look back and remember how much fun we have when I'm not in the depths of despair.

I made Belle a very fashion-forward mint green dress the other day, and her fat shoulders immediately busted out one of the shoulder straps when I put it on her. It was more of a joke than anything else, I made it from the scraps of a skirt for me, but I do kind of want a picture of her in it, so I may take 3 minutes of my ever-so-valuable time (ha!) and fix it.

Hmm. Talking (writing) to absolutely no one on the internet has made me feel even better, imagine that! I'm going to go finish all this stuff and maybe even post some pictures if I can take them before the sun goes down...

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