16 June, 2012


I love summer Saturday's, lazy, hot, and perfect as can be. We're grilling a rack of ribs, and we each picked a bottle of wine to go with them, but didn't let each other see them. When we drink them, we're each going to have to guess what fruits or other flavors are featured in each others picks! We also got some frozen booze popsicles (I really don't know what else to call them) for later, which is great because our AC froze up and we had to turn it off and let it defrost...which means we have a window open and the fans going full speed. It doesn't feel too hot, though, maybe that's because I'm also drinking a frozen mocha frappe (the recipe for which I have finally perfected, after years of experimentation.)

I've got a shirt dyeing in a bucket in the bathtub...grey dye was on clearance at Wal-mart the other night and I bought a bunch with no real idea for what I would use it on, but decided to use some on one of Josh's white dress shirts (since he has like 4, but never wears any since he works from home like 95% of the time.) Anyway. If he doesn't like it, no harm done since he's got no shortage of white dress shirts, and if he does, then awesome!

Yesterday we went to Re-store and I got two shirts, three glass candle sticks, four or five picture frames, (including one huge 8 picture collage-style one for a dollar!) and two grab-bags, which are ziplocs full of random stuff for a dollar. One of them was a bit more random, and Josh picked it for the meat thermometer it had, but it also had a pedometer, two pairs of sunglasses, a wallet, and a broken watch. The other one had jewelry, three pairs of earrings, three bracelets, and four necklaces. They were actually a really good deal, and I kind of want to go back and look through the rest of them. We got there 20 minutes before close so we didn't get to browse as much as I would have liked. Then, I think the cashier rung it up wrong or something, but all that only came out to $10! I was so pleased that I went to Michael's next and got a few more supplies, and then came home and started working.

Last night we also got hit by a wonderful summer storm. It rolled in thick and fast, and even knocked the electricity out for a bit! It was quite exciting, and being forced to finish my glass of wine by candlelight was actually kind of nice. The rain was great too, we haven't mowed the lawn in a month since it's been so dry! I thought moving here we would escape the awful drought conditions we dealt with last year, but so far it hasn't been all that much better. Hopefully things pick up and the rain keeps coming!

So Josh won the wine game by identifying two of four flavors, while I only guessed two of five. My wine pick for him was a 2009 Napa Valley Merlot called Irony, and it featured plums, blueberries, black cherries, and tannins. (He got the cherries and plums.) The one he picked for me was a 2010 North coast Sauvignon Blanc called Hess Select that delivered pear, lychee, verbena, and lime, with aromas of citrus & freshly mowed grass. (I got the lime and pear.) They were both really good, and went well with our dinner of ribs and grilled corn, followed by grill-prepared s'mores. I'm telling you, summer doesn't get any better than this! ♥

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