22 June, 2012

This week

Well. It all seems to have calmed down now, but man this week has been a roller-coaster!

Remember how I mentioned that the AC was kind of acting up on Saturday? We left it off until we went to bed, and it seemed fine on Sunday, but Monday it blew up again, (not literally) and made a huge puddle out from under the unit all the way into the living room.We soaked it all up with towels, turned the unit off again, and called our landlord. (Makes me glad we're still renting!)

While all of this is happening, Orion is acting strange. He's thrown up before, and we read that large-breed puppies will occasionally get a sort of 'morning sickness' because their bodies are growing so fast, so I tried not to put too much stock in it. But he kept throwing up, all day, four or five times actually, and refused to eat or drink anything. By the end of the day I had mixed up a bottle of gatorade and water and was forcing him to drink every 30 minutes or so to try and keep him from getting dehydrated.

Sometime after 5, our landlord came and worked on the AC for a while. He and Josh flushed the line out, and then he got someone to come refill the freon. We turned it back on, and it seemed ok at first, but then it flooded out again. We realized, though, that with the freon refill it had gotten insanely cold, (we used to keep it set at 70) so we turned it up and now have it set at 78 with no problem whatsoever. It's perfectly comfortable, even cold in some areas of the house.

Back to Orion. I ended up staying up with him all night, and he stopped throwing up, but he also stopped getting up for anything. By 7 am I couldn't even get him to stand up without yelling at him, so we loaded him up and took him to the vet. They said there wouldn't be a doctor in until 10:30 but that we could leave him, so after a bit of discussion, we did.

We came home and I took a nap (well, tried to, I was worried) until the doctor called. She said that nothing (besides gas) was showing up on his x-ray, but that he could still have some sort of soft blockage, like a towel, or string, or something. She said she was going to give him some laxatives and keep him overnight for observation.

I took another nap, and woke up feeling strange. Out of sorts. My dog was gone, my sleep schedule was off, and having eaten an early morning breakfast after being up all night wasn't quite agreeing with me. So I moped around the house, feeling lonely, and watched TV all day. I couldn't stop worrying about Orion. I was terrified that they'd have to do surgery! Not only was I scared for him being alone at a strange place all night, while he wasn't feeling great no less, I was scared of what would happen if they had to do surgery and we couldn't afford it.

Since I had been up all night the night before, and slept most of the day, of course I was up most of the night again Tuesday night. Throw in all the worry, and there was no way I was going to fall asleep. I ended up crying in the shower at like 4 am. After getting it all out of my system, I was fairly exhausted and I managed to finally get to bed.

After dealing with an issue with Nissan (they pulled the car payment twice! But had already refunded it by the time we noticed) Wednesday brought better news. Orion was eating and drinking, and had finally pooped, so after handing over our entire savings account, we were able to bring him home! He had obviously had a rough night, because after a walk-through to make sure his house was as he left it, he passed out and didn't wake up until dinner time. And then after eating, he promptly passed out again. I don't blame him, though, he's kind of spoiled and I'm sure he spent his night at the vet complaining rather than sleeping.

Yesterday he felt a little better, and wanted to play for all of 10 minutes before he was tired again. He's improving slowly, and I really hope we don't have anymore scares like this! I had no idea that him being gone overnight would bother me that much.

Other more normal happenings this week include shaving half my hair off on Monday night (oh, is that not normal where you're from?) and Belle poking a hole in the air mattress. (Which, yes, we are still sleeping on.) 

Actually...neither of those things are really all that normal, are they? Oh well. They happened. My hair is totally awesome though. And the now-defunct air mattress is forcing me to finally finish organizing the bedroom so we can get back to sleeping in our bed. (I should stress that sleeping on the air mattress, up til now, was actually kind of nice. It's bigger than our normal bed, and when we filled it up all the way it was actually firmer.)

Yesterday afternoon we took another trip to Re-store. This time I got three shirts, one of which is way too big, but will work well as either a night-shirt or a summer mini if I cut off the sleeves and take it in some. The other two were just wonderful finds...a gorgeous black/white stripe silk number, and a see-through chiffon shirt that will need something to go under it, but that's easy enough. I also found a box of slightly used crayons and an old cheese grater for art purposes, and a blue porcelain owl who's due for a makeover!

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