30 August, 2012

Random thoughts

Since Isaac decided to come barreling (crawling) through here today, it's looking like I'm not going to meet my goal of having the night stands done by September 1st. I spent the first half of the week doing more deep cleaning in the living room, and by the time I considered getting them out yesterday evening we were anticipating rain so there was really no point.

For some odd reason, I decided that I am going to go all out with Halloween decorating this year. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably noticed a surge in pins added to my 'Halloween' board.) I'm not normally that big on seasonal decorating, I mean we always have Christmas lights up, but other than that I tend to keep it pretty mellow...however, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, mostly because I love dark, twisted things, horror movies, and so Halloween has always made me feel a little more normal. If you were to come into my house, you'd see skulls are a major part of my decorating scheme, along with black roses, and a rather large collection of rusty weapons. My absolute favorite is an old scythe that a friend bought me some years ago at an antique store. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to display, and seems to make people uncomfortable when it's hanging over the guest bed, so until I have a proper way to hang it, it's sitting in storage. Well, point is, today I started making props and promptly stabbed myself with an exacto knife and bled all over the styrofoam knife I was cutting out at the time.Authenticity is key, people.

Despite have countless pairs of boots to wear for the upcoming fall season, I cannot get my mind off a gorgeous grey pair (with a blue zipper!) that I saw at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago. I passed them up at the time, but regret doing so now. I'll be heading back there tomorrow, hopefully they're still around. I will be devastated if they're gone, and will probably end up with something half as nice for twice as much and then be angry with myself. I'll try to avoid that, though.

I won a giveaway!! Awesome. :)

Sometime last year, right after I got the phone I have now, I found all these sound files that NASA has recorded, sounds from all kinds of different things recorded throughout the galaxy, and of course I thought it was crazy awesome so I downloaded them, all of them, and then proceeded to put them on my phone as ringtones, and set them for things I didn't consider important (the sounds are very low, in volume and frequency). Well, I forgot that I had done so, and for the past 6 months or so I have been convinced that aliens are sending me messages, because for no apparent reason my phone would suddenly make these weird, crazy, alien sounding noises. It wasn't until I got into my ringtone folder to change things up that I realized what was happening.

I managed to completely ruin a seat cover for one of two of these chairs that I have...they're not in the best condition, they're each missing a foot, and they haven't been white for a while now, but they've been getting progressively dirtier, and now the dog is tall enough that when I'm sitting in one, he can come up and lean his body against me, because his torso goes right over the top of the chair! (I'll try to get Josh to take a picture of him doing it) Anyway, I have been wanting to re-cover them since I got them (they were given to me) but I have so many other things that I have on my to-do list that are far more pressing, so I wasn't that worried about it. But then, last night, I just got so tired of them that I ripped the seat covers off and threw them in the wash, and sprayed the rest of the chair with Resolve. (I don't really have a furniture cleaner...I should probably look into that, though.) The chair part looks a lot better, but the seat covers didn't fare so well in the wash...one of them separated from the zipper and is a mess of strings, and the other is in tact, but somehow managed to come out looking dirtier than when it went in! So I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to try and save them or whether I should just let them go...and I'm leaning towards the latter, because, honestly, they weren't all that comfortable to begin with!

I've been struggling this past week to keep my anxiety from flaring up, but I can feel it growing, like a tumor on my soul, getting heavier and pulling me down. The things that keep me sane are my words, and getting out of the house so I don't drown inside of myself. I'm trying. Normally it doesn't hit me like this until October, but I can feel fall coming in early and so apparently my mood is dependent on that. My heart is resilient, though, and despite this being the hardest time of the year for me, it has never failed to be my favorite. Everything about autumn fills my very soul will joy, and I will emerge on the other side another year stronger. I'm ready. Bring it.

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