27 August, 2012

Weekend deep clean

Well I actually got more cleaning done this weekend than I expected to...most of it on Saturday, granted, but still, I'm quite proud of what I accomplished. I even got down on my hands and knees and bleached my baseboards in the kitchen! (If you look at the sixth picture in this post, you can see Belle inspecting my work.) It was beyond exhausting and I actually passed out on the floor in my craft room while I was trying to get some more done in there on Sunday!!

After my nap I did manage to get some more done, and then worked in the bedroom today. I work best to music, and Josh got all the new DJ equipment he'd ordered for his birthday today, so he's been playing with it all afternoon and I've been getting stuff done! I'm parting with a few clothing items, not many but definitely more than I can usually give up at one time, plus a pair of shoes. I also ruined a few things that I was on the fence about (sort of on purpose, actually, I threw them in with bleach 'to see what happened' knowing full well what would happen, but now I have no choice but to scrap them.) They weren't nice or anything, I just had a hard time parting with things, and making them unusable is virtually the only way  I can force myself to do it. Anyway, now they're going to get cut up and used as rags and then tossed out!

The rest of the things I'm giving up are nice, and they're in a bag for Re-Store...now I just have to actually get that bag in the car and to Re-Store and I'll really be making progress!!

I'm determined to finally get my nightstands painted this week, I sort of knew that by banishing them to the storage room I was setting myself back like a month because 'out of sight, out of mind' right? But, in all fairness, it had to be done to save them from the rain, and once it started it didn't really stop...plus there was that smokey week of the mountain fire...so I don't feel too bad about it. I will, though, if I don't meet my goal of getting them done by this weekend.

Oh, the show on Friday night was really good! Joshs cousin plays trumpet and keyboard in a band, Blue Screen Skyline, and since it was a CD release party they actually played the whole album! It's like...post-rock, electronic, new age with a hint of smooth jazz...I guess? It's all instrumental, and it's pretty. I wasn't really expecting that, I was expecting it to be...harder. More rock n' roll. I don't know why. Either way, you should check them out, they're really good...and I'm not just saying that because I know one of the members, either! I was truly pleasantly surprised.

Pictures from that night...this is one of the opening acts, a band called Water Liars. They're also really good, just different...and SO. LOUD. I know it's a concert and all but holy crapptastic.

Here's Blue Screen Skyline

and Josh and Juzeh afterwards

And here is Josh playing with his new equipment today :)

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