16 August, 2012

An abnormally exciting Wednesday...

I am in desperate need of a couch. I've actually taken to laying on our exercise mat and using a couple of slant (? I don't know what they're called) pillows (like for old people or people in hospital beds to sit up with...at least I think that's what their purpose is, I really don't know) when my butt gets tired of being in a chair and I feel the need to stretch out. Wait...that wasn't my point.

Wow, I didn't start this anywhere near the point. I mean, I do need a couch, but I was really trying to explain why I'm bleaching two really nice, kind of expensive looking extra-large throw pillows I picked up at Restore today. I probably should have taken a picture. Oops. Anyway, I bought them, and then tossed them in the wash with a lot of bleach. Why? Because I have a very strong aversion to buying used when it comes to things that I might lay my head on or sleep on at any point in time.

Which is why I don't have a couch.

Well, actually, no that's not the whole reason. It's part of it, sure, but for the most part the real reason we don't have a couch, or a nice bed, or a dining room table is because I don't want to buy any of that stuff until I own a house. I wouldn't mind too much if we got a cheaper dining room table in the meantime, but I just don't want to buy things that fit in the space we're renting, and then have to move it into a new house and hope that it works in that space too. Do you know what I mean? For example, I really want a sectional couch, the kind made to go in a corner, but at our current house the extended piece would need to be on the left...and what if we buy a house in a year, and we would need a couch with the extended piece on the right? Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself here, but I just don't see any reason to buy things twice, and since I refuse to buy a used couch (bedbugs! dog hair! dog PEE! Other bodily fluids I won't even mention!!) I'm destined to sit in a chair who has a 'leg' made up of a stack of boards. Because it's the most comfortable of all my mismatched, thrifted chairs. (Chairs are ok to thrift. I don't sleep in them, have my face near them, or bring them inside without a thorough vacuuming/Resolving.)

Moving on. The whole reason I even wanted to go to Restore today is because Erin announced the first item for the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge, and I wanted to scope out the board game selection there to start getting an idea of what I'm going to do. I didn't buy anything, it's too soon, and besides, the dingy toy corner of Restore didn't exactly cause the inspiration fairy to strike. But I did pick up a couple of sweaters, a pretty black and gold long sleeve shirt, and a seer-sucker button down. Because I can never resist seersucker. Josh got a ping-pong table. Well, I should say Josh bought a ping-pong table...we won't get it until tomorrow, though, when his brother comes up here with a truck to pick it up. I'm really not a ping-pong person, but if it means we can do something together than I'll give it a shot.

After that we went to the bar for a beer (our usual post Restore activity) and ended up sitting next to these two guys who are in town for a florist convention...and even though it's not open to the public they're going to get us in! Since I had my camera they asked it I would come take pictures, and of course I said yes! So excited. :)

(Oh, also, if you're my friend on facebook, you should go check my page, I'm giving away a zipper bracelet that I made!)

Geez, I was kind of all over the place with this, wasn't I? Oh well. THIS IS HOW MY BRAIN WORKS, PEOPLE. ACCEPT IT.

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