10 August, 2012

Things insomnia has taught me...

- I can name pretty much every murderer, ever, thanks to ID.

- Letting the dog out to potty is an adventure that involves having a knife hidden behind the door, and a plan of attack based on ninja skills I do not possess. (I have ID to thank for this one, too.)

- EVERYTHING is louder after midnight. Everything.

- After 2 a.m. the choices of TV border on intolerable, and you're forced to choose between bad 70s movies, infomercials, or murder.

- There comes a point in the night when all the roly-polys, spiders, and crickets that have managed to slip through the cracks get really bold and start just walking across the floor like they own the house. Then Belle and I collect them all and Willow gets a midnight feast.

- Between 3 and 5 a.m. facebook gets really quiet, and twitter gets really weird.

- You can go to wal-mart and pretty much have the entire store to yourself, save for the workers that are stocking and cleaning. They're always nice, though, since they don't have to deal with the crazies that come in there during the day.

- When Orion gets into a deep sleep, he rolls upside down, his tongue pokes out, and he whimpers.

- When Belle gets into a deep sleep, she grunts and grumbles.

- 3 a.m. showers are the best, especially when followed up with a cup of tea.

- It is far easier to lose track of time when it's dark outside.

- Having an anxiety attack when it feels like you're the only person on the face of the earth is THE WORST FEELING EVER. Ever.

- The only thing that comes close is falling and hurting yourself. For some reason it just evokes an overwhelming sadness, to sit there and try to cry inaudibly.

- Great ideas should always be written down. Always, always, ALWAYS. Because you won't remember it tomorrow, no matter how much you think will.

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