17 November, 2014

Kindle Ulimited

Oh hey anyone who still reads this, remember when I said I was going to do a photo log of a typical  day for me? Obviously I was lying! Ok, maybe not, but I haven't had a whole lot of normal days lately. Josh has been working overnights, which means my schedule is pretty screwed up too, so things are weird. Also, last week our tiny island got hit with a cold front and today was the first day the sun has been out since Tuesday! I threw on some shorts and walked to the beach to enjoy it...and within two hours it was gone. Fog started rolling in, the temperature dropped, and the waves got rough. I felt like I was on the coast of Maine or something! (Not really. I realize that Maine is wayyy colder, and rocky. But still. It was cool.)

Anyway the point of me writing this particular post was to rave about how awesome Kindle Unlimited is. I'm not a spokesperson, I just got a subscription last month and can't believe I hadn't done it sooner. I got the subscription on October 28, and since then I've read 14 books! It's basically a library card - you can have 10 books out at a time, and it's $10 a month. My subscription has already paid for itself, and it's renewed my love of books. I've always been an avid reader, but my bookshelves are so full that I really couldn't justify continuing to buy more and more books. And when I quit buying I quit reading...but now I can read to my hearts content without adding any more bulk to my shelves! Don't get me wrong,  I still love the feel of turning real pages, and the smell of a new book, but for now, this is a great way to keep getting my book fix until I get my mansion with a library worthy of Beauty & the Beast.

So if you have a Kindle, check it out! And add me on Goodreads!!


  1. that sounds like an AWESOME service!!

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