30 August, 2014


Well we're 8 days out from The Big Move so I guess I might as well let ya know where we are going...

South Padre Island!!

Yeahh, island life for us!! We're both super excited. We got a nice little 2 bed/2 bath duplex a block from the beach. I'm so glad that we're moving during the quiet season too, so we'll really get to enjoy it before spring break and summer when it's packed to the gills.

My life right now consists of BOXES. And boxes. With a lot of boxes. I'm a bit overwhelmed because we're downsizing, which I hadn't really taken into account when I first started packing since we weren't too sure about where we'd end up...and now I'm basically going to have to unpack, figure out what I won't need on a regular basis, then repack that stuff and put it in storage. Luckily my mother-in-law will be going down with us to help with the unloading and unpacking.

Pictures will be taken once everything is in order, or just follow me on instagram for daily updates!

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