08 February, 2013

The ol' closet switch-a-roo time

I was in a funk today. No reason in particular, my mood has actually been fairly stable lately, which I think is mostly due to how well I've been eating. But for some reason, last night I went on this huge rant about food, and where it comes from, and how much I hate not having a good farmers market, or a Whole Foods, and not having choices in general. At our store, if you want to buy organic, you have maybe two choices, of the very limited supply of stuff that is organic at all. It's frustrating.

But that's not the point. I was saying how well I've been feeling, mentally and physically, thanks to all the healthy eating I've been doing. Until I didn't feel like cooking today, and I broke down and made nachos. Oh well. They were homemade, and I only put black beans, cheese, and salsa on them, so you know, not terrible as far as nachos go, but still.

I just felt lazy today. And I'm ok with that. Usually Sunday is my day off from cooking (we call it 'soup day' but we rarely eat soup), but I know myself, and for my own sanity, taking today off too was the right decision. I've got a great meal planned for tomorrow, so right back to healthy cooking and eating it is!

I'm pretty proud of myself for not freaking out about this. In the past, if I made one bad choice, I'd end up binging and then giving up, but I just don't feel that desire anymore. I had my 'treat' so to speak, but still kept within my calorie range, and didn't beat myself up over it. That is progress!

And just now, I went ahead and switched my closets out, which means I pulled out my spring and summer stuff out into my closet, and put all my winter stuff in the guest room closet. (Which is my storage closet.) That definitely made me feel better! Nothing like shopping in your own closet!! Found a few things I'd forgotten about, and designated a few more things to donate. Tomorrow I'm going to clean up in both the craft room and the bedroom a little bit, and then hopefully switch my shoes out too. The weather here has been wet but mild this past week, and it rarely gets cold again after the first week of February, so I think it'll be ok. If not, then I guess I'll just stay inside and crank up the heat! (Not really. It's not like my stuff is getting boxed up and stuck in an attic or anything.)

Oh, my bracelet came today too! Super cute. I think I need to make a bracelet/watch holder thing-a-magig somehow. I have a jewelry holder in my bathroom but it's full! Maybe I'll find something to use while I'm cleaning tomorrow. Sounds like a plan!

Next week we have to take Orion to the vet. It's time for his rabies vaccine, and we have to weigh him and get some more heart-worm pills. We'll find out whether he's hit 150 yet or not! (Remember, he weighed 105 six months ago!) Here he is on Sunday, trying to join the Puppy Bowl and slobbering on the TV:

So...yeah, he's filling out. We'll see what the damage is. If he's at 150 though, I think he's going to have to take 3 pills. Crazy! That picture kind of embodies his whole life attitude though - he has no idea he's not a little puppy anymore.

Well, for whatever weird reason, now that I did my bi-annual closet switch-out, I'm kind of in the mood to do more cleaning/organizing/rearranging! I'm off to find something to do. :)

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