03 March, 2013

Weekly weekend update. Sort of.

Wow, so this week got all kinds of crazy. It was totally my fault though. One of the shows that we watch regularly is Bunheads, and we always see previews for Pretty Little Liars...so Sunday night I made the mistake of telling Josh that maybe we should go back and watch the pilot to see if it's any good.

Famous last words.

Less than 48 hours later we were done with season one, our sleep schedules were non-existent, and I was having nightmares about being A.

Needless to say we decided to do ourselves a favor and made a pact to not watch more than one episode at a time going forward...

Luckily Josh had a light work week (well, I think it was light, I slept through the day on Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday) so he would go to bed after I got up and made breakfast at four or five in the afternoon, but then on Thursday he was asked if he could do DJ at the club...that night. He hadn't slept at all that day (after waking up at midnight on Wednesday night) so he took a two hour nap and off we went. He ended up playing again Friday night (but at least he was prepared!)

It was a lot of fun, but Thursday night we took the stairs (it's on the third level of this huge complex downtown) and then when no one else showed up to play I had to run down and get the rest of Joshs cds and when I woke up on Friday I finally admitted that my knee is in pretty bad shape and went to the doctor. They referred me to a specialist and gave me some painkillers, which only added to my weird sleep cycle. I napped all Friday afternoon, and most of today. But at least my knee doesn't hurt as much! (Taking the elevator on Friday night helped too.)

Well...that's all I got. Check my tumblr for pictures of our exciting club nights (which mostly involve Josh playing and me standing around drinking water and taking pictures.)

Oh, goal update...ended February with a 7 pound weight loss, but then my eating got all crazy this weekend, and the doctor said that other than some light stretching, I can't do anything involving my knee, so hopefully I can get to see the orthopedic surgeon asap, and get past this nonsense. I have a good menu planned this week, and am going to focus on arms until I get the okay to do more, but I'm ready to get back to normal. Normal sleep (even though normal for me is 5 am to noon), normal eating, and normal anti-social life. (Ok, not really, I enjoy going out occasionally, but two nights in a row, with no warning, and on days that I had missed meals was...a bit much. Just a bit.)

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