24 March, 2013


Finally. I feel like I've been living in a fog this week. Sick from Sunday to Saturday, I finally felt normal again today. I still don't have my full sense of smell, and I only ate one meal, but for the most part I feel better. I washed everything, clothes, sheets, all the random blankets we have in the living room...if I touched it while I was sick, it got thrown in the washing machine today. I hate being sick, and don't want to relapse just because I stuck my face in a dirty pillow, you know?

Anyway, despite going to Dallas and having my beloved Whataburger (twice!) this week sort of sucked. There were still a few adventures thrown in there, like Herb not knowing how to tell us to exit (Herb is what we named our GPS voice-man), and finding out that DFW airport is so massive it basically has it's own highway system, and coming home in a different car than we left in, but I slept more than I was awake and I really can't tell you what days any of those things happened, or any other details that might be interesting.

Things have been so weird this whole month. Josh traveling, my knee being messed up, then getting sick, and then both of us traveling...I'm kind of ready to just be back to normal this week. I have my appointment with the orthopedic specialist early tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll get some kind of resolution out of that, and not just another 'stay off of it and see what happens' kind of visit, because I'm tired of staying off of it. I also meet with the actual psychiatrist on Wednesday, and then the eye doctor on Thursday. It's another busy week, but Josh will be here, and all my appointments are close to the house, so it should be more normal than the past two weeks have been.

I don't have a menu planned for this week since I haven't been up to cooking or even thinking about what to cook just yet. I may plan something and go out tomorrow evening, depending on how I feel after my doctors appointment in the morning. I know that I need to get back on plan (I'm pretty sure that stopping my evening smoothies is what weakened my immune system in the first place!) but I also doing want to do too much to quick and relapse. I've done that before, and that's why I went ahead and stayed in from the time we got back on Wednesday until now...I do not want to be sick anymore. I hate it!

Ok, sorry for rambling on about being sick so much, but that's pretty much all that my life consisted of this past week. Sick at home, sick in a hotel room in Dallas, sick on the road, and more sick at home. Boring. This next week will definitely bring more blog-worthy happenings, as well as some deliveries! Ahh, retail therapy. Does the body good! ;)

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