04 March, 2013

Photo diary for the most boring day ever.

For some reason, early this morning (I'm talking early, like 3 am-ish) I decided that I was going to do one of those 'day in the life of' kind of posts, and document my day with a bunch of pictures, and I had wonderful ideas of how grand it would be...but then I realized my camera battery was dead, and besides, at the time I thought of it I had a cat on my lap and I wouldn't have been able to get up anyway, so I made do with my phone. And then I realized how boring today was, and how lazy I'm going to look...but I'm going to post it all anyway.

Get ready to be blown away by how epically boring my life is.

This is when I came up with the idea, sometime been 3 and 6 am. Watching NCIS I think.

Just after sunrise. Obviously still watching TV, but we had moved on to Pretty Little Liars. (and broken our pact: we watched three episodes.)

Orion is always happy and ready to play when he wakes up for the day, so we turned off the TV and got up.

My knee started bothering me, so I popped a pain killer, but not without first getting it approved by my shadow. (Don't worry, she didn't do anything but sniff it.)

It didn't take long for it to kick in, and  I ended up sitting on the floor with Orion.

By the time this happened I figured I should probably just go ahead and lay down in bed, even though that felt like defeat, for some odd reason.

I rubbed icy hot on my knee, then wrapped it up to try and keep from getting icy hot rubbed all over the sheets. That just made it really hot, but I managed to fall asleep anyway.

Of course my shadow showed up at some point. I got up at 4.

We came and checked the twitters and what not...

Belle cranked out a few tunes...

And guarded the door while I used the bathroom.

I made bacon.

Orion tried to offer his toy some food.

Josh did the weekly grocery shopping, and I put everything away.

...and that's just about it. I did make some really awesome pancakes too, but I forgot to take pictures of them because they were so good that I just ate them. Immediately.

I didn't work out today because the pain killers make me really woozy, and while swinging a kettle bell around isn't exactly operating heavy machinery, I don't need to knock myself in the back of the head or drop it on my toe or something. Also, because I slept so much, all I ate all day was the bacon and pancakes, so...not exactly the nutritious meal I need to fuel a work out either. I'll definitely try to get something done tomorrow. At some point.

I'm debating whether or not I should go sleep some more. Josh went to bed a while ago, and I'm tired, but I also know I already took a huge nap today. What a problem to have...

I think I probably should have done this on a different day. I swear I'm not always this lazy. I usually cook at least twice, and I usually do laundry or something, but I got it all done yesterday, and Josh volunteered to do the dishes today since I have been in pain. Poor planning. I'll do it again, maybe on Thursday, I think Josh is going to end up having a residency at the club he's been playing at, so that will make for a more interesting read.

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