31 July, 2012

fires and fall

I'm one of those people who can come up with relatively good ideas, but has trouble with the execution. Not because I lack the necessary skills or supplies, but simply because I procrastinate. Also, I get lonely being in my craft room alone for long periods of time, so projects that take longer tend to get sidelined. (Which, in case you're wondering, is not what has happened to the night stands. I will finish them, but circumstances beyond my control have made it impossible to be outside for any period of time without sounding like a chain smoker with pneumonia, and probably risking actual damage due to smoke inhalation.) So, for the most part, I stick to easy, quick crafts, mostly based on things I've seen on pinterest, because my own ideas, while awesome, (yeah, I'm vain like that), require a lot of thought and typically, a bit of trial and error before I get them to look like the picture I've conjured up in my head.

I'm rambling. Apologies.

In October, soon after we moved here, my mother-in-law brought me a bunch of fabric, some of which was approximately 6 yards of this wonderful charcoal grey twill. I immediately wanted to make things with it, but was careful because I didn't want to ruin or waste one tiny piece. (Grey is my favorite color.) I was a bit too careful, though, and after deciding to make a circle skirt for fall, failed to execute. Mostly. I did fold it up and cut the circle out for the waist. And there it sat, folded in fourths, waiting to be cut into an actual circle. Time passed, and it eventually got put back into the Giant Bin of Fabric, and though I never forgot about it, I didn't figure it much for a spring or summer skirt, so I just left it alone.

Then, a few days ago, I came across something that made me so, so glad that I never finished cutting it. I don't even remember exactly what led me there, but I think it may have been a link on pinterest. Either way, I clicked, and was taken here, where I saw this dress pattern and immediately fell in love with it. Then, upon reading, I discovered that this wonderful blogger had her own pattern for this, using...wait for it...a RECTANGLE CIRCLE SKIRT. It's fate, I tell you. And so, as we (I) speak (type), my square sits spread out on the floor of the craft room, soon to be made into a tablecloth skirt. I'm getting closer, and I have a plan now. A much more spectacular and unique looking plan than just a plain old circle skirt. Plus, making a fall skirt while we're drowning in heat and fire is a sweet reminder that 100ยบ days will end...eventually.

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