27 July, 2012


For the past week and a half I've been (slowly) working on the night stands. The drawers originally had two knobs on the front, and a little dent separating the parts that the knobs were on (confused yet?) but I filled that in with wood filler (lots and lots of wood filler) and sanded it down, then drilled one new hole right smack in the center. Now all that's left is to prime and paint, but they're currently in the storage room outside because it rained (FINALLY!) last night and I put them up so they wouldn't get wet. Anyway, I've got a few pictures documenting the process, but I don't want to share any until I'm completely done.

Other than that I haven't accomplished much this past week. Last week I gave up caffeine and that gave me awful headaches for a couple of days, and then, because that wasn't self-punishing enough, I gave up EVERYTHING ELSE this week. Seriously, I spent Monday thru Wednesday eating nothing but raw fruits and veggies, smoothies, and fresh juice. Yesterday I broke down and had a donut because a.) I'd been craving one for a couple of weeks and b.) we're rarely up early enough to get donuts, so it's really like a twice a year treat. Unfortunately I paid for it the rest of the day with stomach cramps and a migraine, so it's back to non-processed, gluten-free foods for me. I'm still kind of getting through the rough stages for that too, so it wasn't that much of a set-back, more of an affirmation that I'm doing the right thing however difficult and non-fun it may be. I expect to be fatigued and headache-y for a few more days, and then move on to the lots of energy, better feeling stages of clean eating.

And now, the whole reason I even started writing this post in the first place, I joined (I think I joined, I mean, I commented) Erin's Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge. Even though this is more of a 'my life in general' blog than a craft blog, I do a lot of crafting on my own and figured it might be fun to participate in something like this. If you want to play too, go check out her blog post (and read through her blog while you're at it; she's hilarious and talented) and sign up!


  1. Dun Dun Dun! I might have to join you friend that does sound mighty fun!

  2. Hey hey! Thanks for spreading the word! And yes, you have officially joined. I am working through some details now; I had more people want to do it than I anticipated sooo my original plan is kind of going out the window. :P I will be working on putting together an email and maybe a facebook group to give out details, rules, etc. Basically, I'll be in touch. :)