27 April, 2012


Are mediums undiagnosed schizophrenics or are schizophrenics misdiagnosed mediums?

If you decorate your baby's room with skulls and scream every time you see a heart or rose will they grow up to love Halloween and hate Valentine's Day?

Why is it that white clothes are supposed to be cooler but you can get sunburned through them, and black clothes are supposed to be hotter but they actually block the sun? Is it all in your mind because of what others have told you?

Isn't it ironic and sad that just because one celebrity endorses a cause, people will latch onto that, and act like they've been with it from the start, while hundreds of thousands of other people who have worthy causes are overlooked simply because we don't see them on TV on a weekly basis?

Why are people willing to go to a restaurant, wait 15 minutes to be seated, another 15 to be served, have to talk over everyone else there through their whole meal, wait another 15 minutes for the server to take their check, over-pay for greasy food that's been cooked to within an inch of it's life, tip a server who ignored them half the night, and then complain the next day about how they wish they could get in shape but they 'just don't have the time or money to eat healthy or work out?'

Have you ever sat in silence and thought about how miniscule most of our thoughts/words/ideas/passions/opinions are in the grande scheme of things? And I don't just mean in the vastness of the universe, I mean even within our own lives. Think back, as far back as your brain will go. Do you remember your first best friend? Do you remember how many times you go so angry with them that you said "You're not my friend anymore! You can't come to my birthday!"? Do you remember the hurtful words they said in return? Do you remember the first idea you had for a science project in 2nd grade? How about what you wanted to be when you were 4? 10? 18? What was the first thought that crossed your mind when you woke up on your 18th birthday? 21st? How about your last birthday?

Why are people so unwilling to see the beauty in age? When did plastic become more attractive than flesh, whatever shape it might take?

Do people who "don't believe" in climate change not realize that for millions of years our earth has been doing it's own thing, going through all sorts of change, not only in climate but in landscape, geography, botany, zoology, biology, etc.?

I'll never understand why actors earn more than teachers. I'll never understand why anyone earns more than teachers. And I truly believe that as long as that is the case, society is doomed.

Why is it so hard to grasp that, as humans, we are not above all the other animals on this planet? No matter how much we may want to believe we are, we're not. Wild animals are not going to look us over as prey simply because we're human. If you go swimming in the ocean at night, you may get bitten by a shark. If you go trekking through the Amazon at night, you might get attacked by a jaguar. And if you go prowling through the woods in Alaska, you might get attacked by a bear. And none of those animals would deserve to be hunted and killed for 'attacking a human' like it's some crime against nature. We are not above being attacked when we go into their territory. We're smaller than them, we're slower than them, and we're made of meat. End of story.

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